In this week’s episode of SmartWatch, sponsored by SanDisk, we look at T-Mobile’s impressive first quarter, which managed to outshine even Tier One behemoths Verizon and AT&T.

T-Mobile added a whopping 1.3 million branded postpaid customers. While adjusted EBITDA was down a little over 12 percent sequentially to $1.1 billion, it was for all the right reasons, namely adding a lot of new customers. This was T-Mobile's fourth consecutive quarter of adding over a million total net additions.

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In a quarter that saw both AT&T and Verizon report first-quarter postpaid net adds of 539,000 and 625,00 respectively, Legere said T-Mobile's Uncarrier strategy appears to have fundamentally changed the game.

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We also take time out to chat with Tim Cook about recent rumors that absolutely nothing fun will be unveiled at Apple’s annual WWDC developer conference in June. All this and a whole lot more in this, our ninth episode, of SmartWatch!