With a relatively quiet news week having passed, this week's SmartWatch, sponsored by SanDisk, takes a look at what might be on the horizon. From a Softbank bid for T-Mobile to a new iPhone, we'll offer up the probability of the next big story in the wireless. 

As we noted last episode, the iPhone 6 rumors are heating up and it appears we’ll have a new iOS device sometimes this year, but when? Possibility Apple unveils the iPhone 6 at its WWDC developer conference in June?  70%

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AT&T is too hurt, and shocked, and offended, and hurt that the is FCC playing favorites with smaller carriers for the 600 MHz auction. The carrier threatened to take their spectrum spending money and go home if the rules bar them from bidding in certain markets. What are the odds they take a pass? Zero. No chance they miss out on that sweet action.

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Will Facebook unveil a mobile ad network at its F8 developer conference next week? This seems like a no-brainer given the importance put on the social network leveraging its steadily increasing mobile traffic. Probability of a Facebook mobile ad network comes in at a strong 95%.

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Reports have surfaced saying the FCC would reconsider its incentive auction rules favoring smaller carriers if Sprint and T-Mobile join forces. If Sprint-Mobile or T-Sprint or whatever actually happens, what are the odds the FCC will flip the rules so that combined can’t walk off with all the available 600 MHz licenses? 100%