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Free Wireless Week Whitepaper: Wireless Infrastructure

Download Wireless Week's free whitepaper on wireless infrastructure. In October's special eReport, we offer and in-depth Q&A with Bill D'Agostino who talks about the challenges associated with rolling out FirstNet. And AT&T's Tim Harden takes us inside Domain 2.0, the carrier's move virtualize the network. All this and more, in Wireless Week's October eReport!

Overcoming the Regulatory Challenges Posed by Small Cells

Download Wireless Week's free whitepaper on small cells. In September's special eReport, we take an in-depth look at how tiny cellular radios are set change the way operators think about coverage and capacity.

IEEE 802.11ax Technology Introduction

This white paper provides an introduction to the technology used in the 802.11ax amendment to the 802.11 standard and an overview of receiver and transmitter test requirements. IEEE 802.11ax, also known as High Efficiency Wireless (HEW), provides mechanisms to more efficiently utilize the unlicensed spectrum bands (2.4 and 5 GHz) and improve user experience.

Mobilizing 5G NR Millimeter Wave: Network Coverage Simulation Studies for Global Cities

This white paper provides details in the methodology and results of simulation studies conducted across ten global cities that show significant outdoor downlink coverage is possible when co-siting 5G NR mmWave with existing 5G LTE macro and small cell sites.

[Communication & Media Service Industry Report] A Solution to Churn & Retention Challenges

The more you know about customers, the more you should be able to reduce churn and maximize selling opportunities. It’s that simple, right? Not always. Customers have access to more data than ever before, which makes them more informed purchasers. Simply put, the consumer often knows more about the business than the business knows about the consumer. So how can we leverage customer data to reduce churn and maximize retention? Learn more!

Analyzing Unwanted Credit and Fraud Risks in Communications Marketing

Limiting credit risk is a key prospecting concern among Communications and Media Services Organization. Many of the marketing tools and data sources on the market today are not optimal for communications and media services organizations. There are limits on how much these help to pinpoint higher value/less risky new customers.

LTE- Advanced (3GPP Rel. 12) Technology Introduction

This white paper summarizes significant additional technology components based on LTE, which are included in 3GPP Release 12 specifications.

Securing LTE Networks—What, Why and How

As security threats evolve, service providers must implement comprehensive security for both their LTE network infrastructures and connected devices to protect network and service performance, customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Unbundling Assumptions About the Millennial Consumer

It’s true that the largest generation in history possesses unique traits that are turning the world economy on its ear. But in the rush to understand Millennials, important nuances have been drowned out by stereotypes. Download now to learn more!


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