VocalZoom, a supplier of Human-to-Machine Communication (HMC) optical sensors, announced that it will be collaborating with Cobalt Speech & Language, Inc., to deliver a new end-to-end solution for voice control in the connected car, head-mounted devices and access control applications.

VocalZoom’s HMC optical sensors are able to acquire and measure facial vibrations during speech, and combine this additional data with the output from acoustic microphones to create an isolated, near-perfect reference signal regardless of noise levels. VocalZoom and Cobalt have conducted tests under noisy conditions that show an almost 60 percent improvement for Cobalt’s speech recognition engine with the VocalZoom sensor.

NetCracker Technology announced that TOT Public Company Limited, formerly known as the Telephone Organization of Thailand, has implemented NetCracker's Convergent Billing solution to consolidate its pre-paid and post-paid fixed and mobile rating, charging and billing processes, which were traditionally managed on disparate platforms. With a combined platform, TOT will be able to improve its billing accuracy, flexibility and agility, and will also be able to support convergent models and deliver innovative services and a better customer experience.

Syntonic, a mobile platform services provider, announced that an updated version of its sponsored data application, Freeway by Syntonic, will be made available in Q1 2016 in Southeast Asia, and for the first time, provide native application support for sponsored data services.

Initially, Freeway by Syntonic will provide sponsored data support for WhatsApp, BBM, WeChat, Twitter, Clash of Clans and will be expanding content throughout Southeast Asia during 2016. To access supported apps, consumers need only download the Freeway by Syntonic application from the Google Play store. Once the Freeway by Syntonic application is installed, all content promoted in the app will be sponsored.

Freeway by Syntonic is currently being used by AT&T in the United States.

EMnify, a Berlin-based global cellular M2M and IoT connectivity company, is launching for general availability its Virtualized Mobile Core Network, EMcore. Available immediately in Europe, North America and Asia, the system runs core network functions for 2/3G and LTE networks and is purpose built for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications. 

The platform features a fully-fledged core infrastructure, including HLR/HSS and GGSN/PGW nodes, online charging systems and service provisioning as well as business support functions. Management portals and a programming interface (API) also allow for easy integration into existing business processes and IT systems.