Regulators may be nearing the end of their review of AT&T's proposed $49 billion acquistion of DirecTV. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, regulators are likely to approve the deal but could still imposed conditions on the merger. The Justice Department hasn't raised any issues with the deal and the FCC will likely also give its OK. 

The news comes as Netflix last week filed with the FCC its objections to the deal.   

In a strongly worded ex parte filing, Netflix argued that the merger of the two companies would harm the development of online video services in the marketplace. 

“AT&T already has a demonstrated ability to harm OVDs [Online Video Distributors] by leveraging its control over interconnection to degrade its own customers’ access to Netflix’s service,” Netflix stated in the filing. “AT&T also has shown an interest in using data caps and usage-based pricing methods, which it can apply discriminatorily to advantage its own services.” 

Ultimately  Netflix said it won't oppose the deal outright but rather would like to see conditions attached to any approved agreement. 

AT&T says that it lacks any incentive to harm the market for online video services and has even said that it is committed to expanding broadband services to rural areas, which the FCC sees as a positive of the deal.