FreedomPop announced its first European expansion. Starting this summer the MVNO will be offering its freemium cellular service in the United Kingdom.

Like in the United States, FreedomPop in Europe will offer 200MB of data, 200 voice minutes and 200 texts free each month. The service will be available through the FreedomPop app or the company’s new international SIM.

In addition, FreedomPop customers in the U.K. will get rollover data, anonymous browsing, and the ability to add a second phone number from over 60 countries in order to call at local rates. The company will offer U.S. numbers for two pounds per month.

FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols his company’s service was actually made for Europe, because of software-centric network design in Europe allows for a data-only SIM.

Pre-order invites are starting soon with an official launch to follow later in the summer. FreedomPop is hoping to expand the service to 15 to 20 international markets by the end of 2016.

FreedomPop also today announced its upcoming Jetsetter, a free roaming data SIM. The company will provide 100MB of free high-speed data on a single SIM that can connect with multiple networks. The SIM will receive over-the-air updates to add different networks as more roaming deals are reached.

Stokols promised that Jetsetter won’t run on throttled data because FreedomPop is able to get local rates in countries where it’s launching or planning to launch. He also said that Jetsetter users can expect to get the same data top up rates FreedomPop offer in the U.S. and that, when coupled with the FreedomPop app, Jetsetter users can get free calls and texts.