Virgin Mobile USA, a Sprint prepaid brand, today announced new plans that can be customized to meet individual customers' needs. 

The plans, which are available only at Walmart, allow customers to activate up to five lines, starting at $6.98 per line per month for 20 texts and 20 voice minutes, or opt for the Unlimited plan for $35, which includes talk and text. Virgin Mobile will also offer add-on services, including unlimited access to such apps as Facebook or Pandora, or provide 30 minutes of international calling to specific countries. These services can be added on a single month basis or recurring. 

The plans can be adjusted at any time during the month, even daily, directly from each person’s device, or controlled by the primary user, allowing the plans to add or subtract the amount of voice, text or data  and other services they use at any time within their monthly billing cycle. 

A complete list of prices was not provided for the a'la carte system, but the information is displayed in real-time on the customer's device, letting people know exactly what their mobile monthly charge will be before they confirm their selections. 

Tailored towards teens and their parents, the new plans are no-contract and include parental controls. 

Virgin Mobile Custom will be available on three devices, including the ZTE Emblem for $79.88, the LG Pulse for $99.88, or the LG Unify for $129.88 available exclusively at select Walmart stores. 

The new plans are powered by the ItsOn Smart Service Virtual Network Technology. Sprint in June announced that it had signed a multiyear licensing agreement to use the cloud-based platform.