Vdopia has examined the impact of mobile devices on fan interaction with the World Cup. What becomes clear is that mobile devices are heavily used by World Cup fans often in conjunction with their TV viewing of the games. Among some of the more interesting facts Vdopia found:

•       40% of Americans watch games on TV and use mobile throughout the game 

•       1.7 million American concurrent viewers saw the U.S. vs. Germany game on WatchESPN smartphone app

•       67% of Americans are willing to pay for World Cup Video content on their smartphones

•       With more than 5.3 million downloads, USA is the no. 1 country for FIFA's World Cup App

Ways Mobile Phone Is Used During World Cup Play: 

Information     55%

Content          45%

Social                39%

Transact           29%

"If you were to add in the number of people who comment on the games via social media on their mobile devices, fans at the games taking smartphone photos and folks who use apps to gather and watch the games, what emerges is an astronomical number of ways mobile factors into the World Cup games," says Saurabh Bhatia, co-founder and chief business officer for Vdopia. "It is hard to imagine a global event in the future where mobile will not be a huge factor. Smart marketers should be lining up for such opportunities."