Regional telecom and broadband provider Frontier is adding texting fucntionality to its business landline numbers. 

Frontier has turned to Zipwhip for the technology that allows its business landline numbers to become text messaging channels.

Called "Frontier Texting," the service will allow Frontier customers to text, or receive a text from, a business’ existing landline or toll free number. The message is then pushed at the same time to the business’ Internet-connected devices, such as a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet. A business user can then reply back from whatever device they’re on using a Frontier Texting app powered by Zipwhip.

John Lauer, Zipwhip CEO, sees his company's partnership with Frontier as a first step. 

"We believe that this is what the industry needs, that every number should be textable...Wouldn’t it be nice to just know that every number is textable?" Lauer said in an interview with Wireless Week. 

Lauer said that wireless operators like the technology, and he expects the trend to spread. "It keeps texting very relevant and modern," he said.

While Frontier's effort is currently limited to business landlines, Rod Imbriani, vice president of product for Frontier, said that it makes sense to expand the offering in the near future.

"We’re looking at the residential market as well," Imbriani said, "especially because we’re a rural's just another gap that we can fill with this product." 

Frontier Texting launches today for small office, home office and small and medium businesses served by Frontier.