Bluegrass Cellular will complete its LTE rollout by late next year the company announced in a press release today. 

Bluegrass lit up its first markets back in November of 2012, which was made possible through its participation in Verizon's rural LTE program.

The network initially spanned five counties with a population of 348,000 people, including Fort Knox and the I-65 corridor between Louisville, Ken. and Nashville, Tenn.

As of June 30, 2014, 80.7 percent of Bluegrass Cellular’s core network was covered by 4G LTE, a percentage that translates to about 7,055 square miles in Central Kentucky and more than 620,000 people. 

From now until the end of 2015, Bluegrass said it will launch more than 75 new 4G LTE sites, bringing high-speed, reliable coverage to nearly 100 percent of its network, or over 10,300 square miles and 730,000 people.

Bluegrass is deploying on 700 MHz upper C block licenses it leased from Veizon Wireless. Bluegrass built and operates the network, which covers markets where Verizon has not rolled out LTE.

In exchange, Bluegrass customers are able to roam onto Verizon's nationwide LTE network. Subscribers with Verizon and the other regional carriers in the program can roam onto Bluegrass Cellular's LTE network.

Ron Smith, president and CEO of Bluegrass Cellular, called the announcement important news for his company's customers and for the region.

“We’re working hard to bring 4G LTE into areas of Central Kentucky that might otherwise not have access to a high-speed network," Smith said. "Our investment, including our work with GetSetGo outside our core service area, is part of a bigger mission to broaden statewide access to the technology that’s redefining today’s standard of living.”