Facebook announced Monday that it has hired David Marcus, president of PayPal, to head the social networks' mobile messaging division. 

Marcus joined PayPal in 2011 as vice president of mobile, responsible for leading PayPal’s mobile payments business, before taking on the role of president the following year. 

EBay, PayPal's parent company, said in a statement that Marcus will leave the company on June 27. 

In a statement, Marcus said he was proud of what PayPal had done over the past two years and said he believes the company is poised for long-term success in creating the future of money. 

"And I know the business has a strong leadership team in place. That’s why now felt like the right time to make a change and return to how I most love to spend my time, leading smaller teams to build great product experiences,” Marcus said. 

In his new role at Facebook, Marcus will report directly to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 

Facebook's messaging is growing. The company estiamtes that roughly 12 billion messages are sent on Facebook per day. Messenger, the compay's standalone messaging app, is now used by more than 200 million people every month.