CTIA is pushing for a diminished regulatory role for the FCC as the House Committee on Energy and Commerce seeks to reform the Communications Act of 1934. 

In response to a white paper released in May by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, CTIA asks congress to recognize the industry for its competitiveness and seek "light touch" regulations by the FCC. 

CTIA is asking that Congress narrow the Commission’s authority to regulate only in specific areas where competition might not necessarily produce the desired result, for instance to ensure emergency communications in underserved areas. 

The Wireless Association also recognized the FCC's role in helping ensure competition when considering IP-based communications, and also in facilitating the release of more spectrum. On the whole, however, CTIA argued that wireless industry can regulate itself through robust competition. 

"As the wireless industry continues to thrive based on the FCC’s current light regulatory touch, Congress should ensure that any updates to its competition policies maintain and extend that approach," the filing states. 

In addition to keeping the FCC's oversight limited, CTIA asked that Congress be allowed to review the Commissions powers on a regular basis. 

"CTIA agrees that, particularly in light of rapid technological changes, Congress should regularly review the scope of the FCC’s authority. The FCC has not been subject to reauthorization since 1991," the filing states, adding that had the FCC been subject to more periodic review the type of comprehensive re-write of the Act now contemplated by Congress could possibly be avoided.