Consumers continue to use smarpthones to make online purchases at an increaring rate. 

In April 2014, revenue generated from smartphones was up 115 percent over the same month last year, with a 84 percent jump in orders annually. 

Smartphones visits accounted to 29 percent of total online visits, up 42.7 percent from April 2013, according to a new survey by Branding Brand, which included tracking data from 18 clients. 

And while smartphone traffic increases, the market share of non-mobile (desktop) visits decreased by 14 percent over April of last year. 

"Not only are customers shopping more on their phones, they're also spending," said Chris Mason, Branding Brand co-founder and CEO. "Our data shows large numbers of consumers rapidly embracing mobile as a fundamental tool to conveniently connect with retailers."

Conversion rates were still tops on PCs, with a non-mobile rate of 2.27 percent versus a smartphone conversion rate of .60 percent. 

Apple's iOS still managed to dominate revenue generate by smarpthone, with a 67 percent share. Android took home 32.5 percent share of revenue generated by smartphones.