Chip maker Broadcom today announced a new System on a Chip (SoC) that supports all three major wireless charging standards. 

The new chip enables OEMs to select between specifications from all three leading standards organizations, including the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). 

The SoC also features Broadcom's WICED (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices) and software for the charging pad. 

Ryan Sanderson, of IHS technology, saus wireless charging is set to explode over the next five years. 

"IHS forecasts the number of devices shipped annually that are enabled to charge wirelessly to increase to over $50 million in 2014 and accelerate to $900 million in 2018," Sanderson said. "This is projected to drive a combined market for wireless power receivers and transmitters worth $8.5 billion in 2018."

The Broadcom BCM59350 is now sampling with select customers.

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