Isis today boasted it’s adding more than 20,000 new “wallets” daily and claimed it has doubled its growth rate over the last month.

The NFC-supported mobile payment joint venture between AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile said its platform is now supported across 68 different devices on the three carriers and that the Isis Wallet now comes preloaded on 14 different devices.

Isis plans to continue growing its ecosystem of partners to “provide customers with more options as well as new ways to save.”

An Isis spokesperson declined to a give a specific count of ISIS users. 

“We’ll continue to offer compelling consumer deals – all with the goal of helping consumers become ever more comfortable with mobile wallets,” CEO Michael Abbott said in a statement.

Isis launched commercially in November with a promotion offering one million free smoothies at Jamba Juice. The companies said 270,000 free smoothies had been given out by the end of the first quarter. Isis also has partner deals with Coke, Toys”R”Us, American Express and Yellow Medallion Taxi in New York.

Isis in 2012 launched service trials in Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City after delaying a launch planned for earlier. The service’s user adoption has no doubt been slowed by its reliance on NFC and the fact that the iPhone does not feature the technology. Products like the Incipio CashWrap enable NFC transactions on an iPhone and the Isis mobile application is available in the App Store.

But rumors have surfaced that Apple is considering integrating NFC for the upcoming iPhone.