C Spire Wireless is directly taking on AT&T and Verizon by now offering unlimited talk and text plus 10GB for $160.

That’s $100 per month for a 10GB bucket of data  and $15 per month for four smartphones. The plan requires customers sign up for device payment plans, bring their own devices, or pay the full price up-front. 

If customers opt for a two-year agreement, the price per line jumps to $40.

The deal matches offers from AT&T and Verizon, but a landing page on C Spire’s website points out specific advantages over those carriers’ deals, including C Spire’s free overage protection and unlimited data offering for family plans.

To hammer home the point, C Spire is featuring a series of videos with “Same Old Wireless Co.” that highlight the advantages of not having to deal with overage fees.

C Spire isn’t alone in offering an unlimited data upgrade to its family/shared plan subscribers. Sprint Framily plan customers can pay an extra $20 monthly for unlimited data on a per-line basis. T-Mobile allows its family plan customers to move up to unlimited data, which starts at $80 for the first line, drops to $60 for the second and then costs $40 for each additional line after that.

In addition to its new shared plans, C Spire introduced new smaller data bucket pricing, starting at $25 for 1GB or $40 for 2GB of data. The carrier also added a new 3GB bucket for $60 a month.

While it’s revamping its pricing structure, C Spire will continue to offer up to $250 to cover ETFs for customers switching from other carriers.