LAS VEGAS - IBM today launched a cloud marketplace that puts its cloud portfolio and third-party services under one roof, divided for three user groups from the enterprise: developers, IT managers and business leaders.

The new marketplace houses IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and other software and service options. Additionally, it will be a hub for content like code, case studies and videos from IBM and its partners as well as enterprise clients who want to expose their ideas.

SoftLayer represents IBM’s infrastructure services with the marketplace and BlueMix, IBM’s recently announced open-source cloud-based platform for application development, brings in the PaaS. IBM also announced new and enhanced services within BlueMix in conjuncture with the marketplace launch.

IBM touted the integration of its services as a differentiator.

"Increasingly cloud users from business, IT and development across the enterprise are looking for easy access to a wide range of services to address new business models and shifting market conditions," Robert LeBlanc, Senior Vice President, IBM Software & Cloud Solutions, said in a statement.

At a press conference, LeBlanc pointed toward the provided patterns and aggregated solutions as a reason why start-ups would choose IBM’s cloud marketplace over competitors like Amazon and Google. He called it an end-to-end solution for developers.

“When you go to other cloud providers, you have to stitch everything together,” LeBlanc said.

On the same subject, Coriell Life Sciences CEO Scott Megill said how Amazon is not as trusted a name in cloud as IBM, which becomes particularly important when dealing with sensitive information like health records.

Elsewhere in its cloud portfolio, IBM announced that it is extending its Watson Developer cloud to the enterprise. IBM last year put Watson into the cloud in order to put cognitive computing to work for application developers.