T-Mobile-Simple-Choice-PlansT-Mobile USA late Friday updated its Simple Choice plans by increasing data caps and offering international texting from the United States. 

The new plans double the amount of LTE data and tethering to 1GB with the $50 Simple Choice plan.

In a statement, the outspoken John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile, called overage fees and data  caps "just this side of extortion. 

"Take the basic plans from the Big Two with ridiculously low data limits that hit you with fat overages each month," Legere said. "It's like getting your data from the neighborhood loan shark and paying 100 percent interest when the bill comes due. It's the classic shakedown."

The expansion of Simple Choice also includes more data for tethering. There is a new unlimited LTE option, which now comes with a full 5 GB of tethering, double the previous amount, for an extra $30 per month, that's compared to an extra $20 previously.

The new plans, as well as the international texting will begin March 23 for customers who choose to run credit and take the postpaid option. For those who prefer not to run credit and opt for prepaid service, unlimited international texting will start on April 26.  

The move comes amid a volatile time in the marekt, with nearly every major carrier being forced to compete on pricing. 

AT&T on Saturday followed up with a pricing changes of its own. AT&T announced a new Mobile Share Value plan that starts at $65 for 2GB of data and unlimited talk and text. The new plan amounts to a $15 per-month savings from existing plans. AT&T also added international texting to its plans.