Sprint today turned on LTE in 20 more markets including Omaha, Neb., and Provo, Utah, bringing its LTE coverage total to 402 cities. Sprint also turned on its 2.5 GHz Spark coverage in Provo and Trenton, NJ, making Spark now available in 18 cities.

Sprint expects to have 250 million people covered with LTE by mid-year, according to a press release.

Sprint has previously announced intentions to extend its Spark network to 100 markets over the next three years.

“Sprint’s all-new network is providing our customers significantly better call quality and faster data speeds in more places,” John Saw, Sprint’s chief network officer, said in a statement.

Saw was recently named to his current position after Sprint announced the retirement of Bob Azzi, its senior vice president of networks who had been with the carrier for 26 years.

Sprint also turned on HD Voice in Provo and plans to soon bring the call technology to Trenton. Sprint’s HD Voice is currently only available between to HD Voice-enabled Sprint handsets operating on HD Voice-enabled areas of Sprint’s network. Sprint’s HD Voice works on more than two dozen handsets including the Google Nexus 5, Motorola Moto X and the HTC One.

Sprint plans to have HD Voice enabled through its entire network by mid-2014.