Qualcomm Monday announced commercial availablity of its AllPlay technology, which it hopes will help enable wireless media streaming on more devices throughout the home. 

The AllPlay media platform was developed by the Qualcomm Connected Experiences division and features Atheros wireless technologies. The idea is to make it easier for brands to deploy media streaming and sharing features in their products in a device agnostic environment.

AllPlay is built on the company's AllJoyn framework, which was developed as an open source project by Qualcomm. The AllPlay platform is designed for use by audio equipment and accessories manufacturers, cloud music services and app developers. 

Rob Chandhok, president of Qualcomm Interactive Platforms, said in a statement that AllPlay is meant to increase interoperability amongst all kinds of different devices. 

"Consumers don’t just buy one brand of audio equipment and in the past have had to swap components from various brands in and out of their stereo systems using wires and standard hardware connectors to achieve interoperability," Chandhok said. 

Qualcomm cites Altec Lansing, iHeart Radio, Rhapsody adn Sony as company's that are embracing AllPlay. Such a standard enters a market where Apple, Google and Samsung have already established themselves. 

While Apple's AirPlay technology was one of the first to make waves in the space it only plays nice with Apple's devices.