T-Mobile is offering Apple’s new rainbow-friendly iPhone 5C for zero down and 24 monthly payments of $22. That comes out to $528, a good discount off the device’s $550 unsubsidized price tag.

The carrier is offering the 32 GB iPhone 5C for $99 and 24 payments of $23, which matches its price for the 16 GB iPhone 5S. Both plans total out at a little more than $650. Of course, opting into the Jump! early upgrade program will tack on an extra $10 per month.

Sprint has also chosen to offer the 16 GB iPhone 5C for zero down and the 32 GB for $99, both with a two-year agreement. Sprint is waiving part of the down payment for the iPhone 5C as part of a deal for customers bringing an existing number to Sprint. Its contract pricing for the iPhone 5S starts at $99 down and goes up to $299 down for the 64 GB model. Sprint has chosen to focus on unlimited data while the other carriers pit early upgrade programs against each other.

In regards to its own early upgrade program, Next, AT&T has also surfaced with its new iPhone pricing schemes. The 16 GB iPhone 5C costs $22 per month and the 32 GB costs $27 per month while the iPhone 5S runs $27 per month for 16 GB, $32 per month of 32 GB, and $37 per month for 64 GB.

AT&T’s two-year contract pricing for the iPhone 5C starts at $99 and goes up to $199 while the iPhone 5S starts at $199 and goes as high as $399.

Verizon’s two-year contract pricing for the iPhone 5C also starts at $99 and goes up to $199. The device is available through Verizon’s own Edge early upgrade program, starting at $23 per month for 16 GB and $27 per month for 32 GB.

Pricing for the iPhone 5S has yet to show up on Verizon’s website but it’s extremely likely it will fall very close to the prices already set by AT&T.

Pre-orders have begun today for the iPhone 5C. Both the 5C and the iPhone 5S will be available in the U.S. on Sept. 20.

Given the spec gap and feature loss between the 5S and 5C, the 5C’s relatively high price tag has ended up costing Apple on Wall Street. Rumors before the launch pegged the iPhone 5C as coming in closer to the $300-$400 range.