CTIA President and CEO, Steve Largent, made case for quick action on clearing spectrum in the 1755-1780 MHz band. In a blog posted to CTIA's website, Largent said the spectrum needs to be cleared quickly so that it can be auctioned along with spectrum in the 2155-2180 MHz band known as the AWS-3 band. 

Largent argues that the two bands would pair well together. 

"Pairing these bands would provide a vital tool for meeting demand for mobile broadband, facilitate faster deployment of innovative services, provide consistency with international allocation of the band (17 of the GAO countries have allocated this band for mobile use) and maximize efficient use of the spectrum," Largent wrote. 

The 2012 Spectrum Act requires the AWS-3 band to be licensed by February 2015. 

Largent's comments come ahead of a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on federal government use of spectrum tomorrow.

The government agencies currently sitting on the 1755-1780 MHz band have been slow to act on clearing since the spectrum was identified for reallocation three years ago. 

The NTIA has been looking at possible sharing of the airwaves, but CTIA has long been a proponent of clearing spectrum, with sharing seen as a last resort. 

"While there have been some advances, there have also been significant challenges, from difficulty obtaining information on federal systems to worst-case interference modeling to resistance to expediting the 1755-1780 MHz sub-band," Largent wrote.