Samsung says it expects sales of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, to surpass 10 million units by next week. The company began selling the S4 in Korea on April 26 and has since begun selling the device in 60 other countries. 

According to a report in the Korean Times, Samsung Electronics co-CEO Shin Jong-kyun made the comments about record sales of the S4, saying it is selling much faster than its predecessor, the Galaxy S3. 

If the S4 does top 10 million in sales by next week, it would make it the fastest selling Samsung device ever. It took the Galaxy S3 just over 50 days to top sales of 10 million. 

Rapid sales of the S4 shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Samsung has been dominating the smartphone market of late.

A report released this week from Strategy Analytics showed that Samsung may be generating more revenue and profit from the Android platform than Google. 

According to the report, Samsung took 95 percent of $5 billion in first quarter profits generated from overall global Android shipments. 

Strategy Analytics estimates that the global Android smartphone industry generated total operating profits of $5.3 billion during the most recent quarter. The Android platform accounted for 43 percent share of the entire smartphone industry’s operating profits, which reached $12.5 billion worldwide in the first quarter of this year.