As CTIA 2013 comes to a close today, the Wireless Association's Vice President of Operations, Rob Mesirow, already has his sights set on 2014. He's really hoping attendees to this year's show have seen the prevalent signage around the Sands Expo in Las Vegas announcing the Super Mobility Week set for September 9 next year. 

"We've been educating our exhibitors, our board and executive team, and the press for quite some time," Mesirow said in an interview with Wireless Week, "and this show is really a part of a broader campaign to educate everybody else."

For those who possibly missed all the signs pointing to 2014 at this year’s show, CTIA will be merging its spring and fall shows into a week-long industry trade show. It comes with some interesting partnerships that represent the broadening scope of the wireless industry. 

Mesirow said the wireless industry’s move to IP-based networks has changed everything. 

“Now we’re really Internet data delivery systems,” Mesirow said. “People forget, or don’t really realize, how significant that shift was.” 

That shift has enabled CTIA to bring on partners that in the past might not have been a good fit. For instance, CTIA recently announced that the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is now a partner on Super Mobility Week. 

“We’ve sliced off the very top of this new emerging ecosystem and came up with several different buckets. One of them is this connected home bucket, which is also linked to the smart grid and some other connected devices,” Mesirow said, noting that that partnership include the NAHB’s 140,000 members that are interested in integrating the wireless industry’s technologies into the homes they build. 

But not only has the wireless platform allowed for interesting partners from vertical markets, it’s also allowed the show to bring on some amazing keynote speakers that at first glance might not seem relevant. Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Lopez come to mind. 

And yet, here we are on Day 3, and we’re fully informed on Jennifer Lopez’s latest role as wireless executive, as well as Ashton Kutcher’s impressive resume as a tech venture capitalist. 

Mesirow says that the diversity of CTIA’s keynotes doesn’t surprise him anymore, as they only speak to the complexity of the wireless industry. 

“I mean, I find now that I’m talking to cardiologists and heads of major utilities. That’s the great, great thing about this industry, and it’s one of the things I love about wireless,” Mesirow said. “It’s different every day.”