Skype has launched carrier billing in Russia through technology from Mach and Payvia. The company expects the service that allows users of the VoIP service to charge Skype credits directly to their carrier's monthly bill. 

In a press release, Mach said the new feature will soon be available to Skype users in the United States and Canada. 

The rollout of direct operator billing in additional countries, and as a payment option for Skype users that are purchasing Skype Credit through a browser on their desktop, will continue through 2013. 

Mach’s partnership with payvia, a mobile and online payments company with direct agreements with the main U.S. mobile operators, connects the technology behind Mach’s service with U.S. mobile operators.

Jason Macklin, director billing and payments for Skype,  said in a statement that he expects the new service to attract additional customers to Skype.

"Since the announcement of our partnership with MACH in September last year, we have seen direct operator billing gather momentum in North America and Russia, and we are looking forward to rolling the solution out in additional markets in the near future,” Macklin said. 

Direct carrier billing is seen as a frictionless payment technology. By removing the need for customers to send an SMS or center a credit card, the ability to charge services and content to the carrier's bill increases the likelihood of customers continuing through to purchase.