FreedomPop announced a partnership with TextPlus to offer customers free voice and text to go along with the free mobile data they already get from the MVNO.

The companies will offer three tiers of plans for users, which start around $4 for a couple hundred minutes and will max out at $15 per month for unlimited text and 1,000 minutes, all bundled with FreedomPop’s standard offer of 500 free WiMax per month.

The new partners expect to roll out a new app, FreedomPlus, for Android and iOS as well as for PC and Mac. FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols said there are plans to introduce a Windows Phone app down the road.

“It’s a foundation for us to allow users to truly cut the carrier,” Stokols said.

Since TextPlus does require a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection to operate, users can expect those features to eat into their free data, but Stokols promised customers will hardly notice.

“The reality is that 1,000 minutes will end up costing you probably 50-70 megabits,” said Stokols. “Text is the same thing. You can send a couple thousand texts and still only use maybe 50 megabits max.”

Stokols said that international calls will also eventually be available under the new plans without additional rate charges.

FreedomPop announced its service last year, partnering with Clearwire at launch with plans to move to Sprint’s LTE network. The company sells a Wi-Fi hotspot, dongle and a wireless-enabled case for an iPhone 4/4S or an iPod Touch that allows users to access their free data. Customers are given the opportunity to earn more data through social networking and through promotions on FreedomPop’s platform.

TextPlus is a free app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with downloads for Kindle Fire and Nokia also available. It uses available wi-fi or 3G/4G to send SMS while offering free voice calls to other TextPlus users and per-minute rates for international calling.