While Apple has never confirmed that Nuance's technology is behind Siri, many believe Siri is nothing more than a Dragon in an administrative assistant's business suit. 

That's why today's announcement of a completely revamped Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android is so interesting. Nuance today said that it is expanding on the original Dragon Go! app's natural language understanding and artificial intelligence capabilities. 

The Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android can now send texts, makes calls, set appointments and deliver direct access to open content on the mobile web from more than 200 content providers.

Sound like anyone you might have met on an iPhone recently? 

Vlad Sejnoha, chief technology officer for Nuance, said in a statement that his company continues to invest in better natural language understanding, improving on conversational dialogue between the end user and the device. 

“We will continue to add new innovations to the Dragon Mobile Assistant to explore what’s possible, and to push the limits of intelligent voice interfaces across all mobile form factors, including phones, tablets, PCs, cars, and televisions,” Sejnoha said. 

In August, Nuance announced Nina, a virtual assistant for the enterprise which allows companies to add speech-based virtual assistant capabilities to their existing iOS and Android mobile apps via an SDK. 

Dragon Mobile Assistant is available in beta for free in English on Google Play in the US, supporting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above, with expanded availability and new features planned before the end of 2012.