NetZero Wireless, a prepaid carrier that offers WiMax service over Clearwire's network, today announced plans to allow users to earn extra data by participating in a promotion on Facebook.

Through the new program, Facebook members can sign up at NetZero's website and receive a free gigabyte of wireless data per month to give away to their friends via Facebook. All of the free wireless data that is given away can be claimed by the Facebook member's friends through the NetZero 4G Data Share app and can be used by NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband subscribers with any data plan.

When a Facebook member signs up for the program, the app creates a Data Share bank for that participant. Every month, NetZero gives each participant one gigabyte of wireless data and posts a status update on their wall inviting friends to claim the data. When friends click on the status update, they are invited to join the program. The app then walks them through the data claiming process, creates a Data Share bank for them, deposits 200 megabytes of data into the bank, and gives them one gigabyte of free data to in turn share with their friends.

Rusty Taragan, president of NetZero Wireless, said in a statement that he believes the program has the potential to deliver an enormous amount of free data to subscribers.

NetZero currently offers four prepaid plans, which range from a free plan that allows users 200 MB per month a platinum plan which features 4GB of data for $49.95.

Each data plan works with both the NetZero 4G Stick or the NetZero 4G Hotspot connection device.

The NetZero Facebook program follows on the heels of social MVNO Karma's recent launch. Karma, which also runs on Clearwire's network, charges users $14 per gigabyte of data but also employs a unique data earning mechanism. Karma's wireless hotspots offer open Wi-Fi access, and when a new user logs on to the connection they get 100 MB of free browsing.