Regional operator C Spire Wireless is offering its first no-contract mobile data plans amid an ongoing effort to set its rate plans apart from its larger national competitors. The company has offered prepaid voice plans before this month, but the no-contract data plans released this week mark C Spire’s first foray into prepaid data.

“We know that today’s cookie cutter data plans at other wireless companies just don’t work for customers," Wade Smith, vice president of products and innovaiton, said in the Thursday announcement.

The plans are only available for data-only devices like mobile hotspots, tablets and USB modems. They cost $15 for a week-long, 100 MB pass; $30 for a 14-day, 300 MB pass; and $50 for a 30-day, 1 GB pass.

C Spire's pay-as-you-go rates are more expensive than its contract options, which range from $20 for 1 GB to $50 for 5 GB, with overage charges ranging from $20 to $10 per gigabyte.

The rates are designed for casual data users, and customers that sign up for a $5 per month service can move back and forth between the no-contract and postpaid plans, depending on how much data they expect to consume.

The option to move between the two rate structures is the key differentiator of the plans, as none of C Spire's top-tier competitors offer postpaid customers the option to switch between contract and prepaid data rates for a low monthly fee. The new options went live on Monday and were formally announced yesterday.

C Spire also offers postpaid plans that allow customers to separately manage streaming data from content like mobile video, live updates and video chat.