The Department of Defense (DOD) has unveiled its mobile device and wireless strategies going forward. 

The DOD said in a Friday report hat the plan consists of three main parts and is part of the department’s existing “Information Enterprise.” The plan aims to update wireless infrastructure, mobile devices and mobile applications. 

Specifically, the military is looking to support secure access for the sharing of information on mobile devices through voice, video or data. This will entail building out new infrastructure while also leveraging existing networks, according to the report. 

On the device side, the military currently employs hundreds of thousands of BlackBerry devices, but says that better mobile device management, including new policies and standards, could help it securely leverage a variety of other types of mobile devices across a range of carriers. 

Hitting on one of the carriers’ favorite touch points, the DOD also said it needs to work in partnership with the academic community to research methods and technologies to maximize the use of available spectrum. 

The broad outline appears aimed at mobilizing the entire armed forces’ communications and computing systems. 

“As the DoD Information Enterprise matures to accommodate mobile devices, DoD will continue to explore emerging technologies maintaining the notion that tomorrow’s information enterprise may look very different from today’s,” the report concluded. 

The report also stresses the need to promote and enable the development and use of mobile applications. The DOD is looking to create policies and standards for securely enabling existing web-based properties to run on mobile devices. 

The DOD says an implementation plan, which will initially support small user populations to assess the efficacy of the strategy, will follow in the near future.