Verizon Wireless is shutting down three call centers and reorganizing other parts of its support operations in a move that will affect an estimated 3,175 employees across several states.

The changes will improve customer service and make the most out of its existing real estate assets and are "not a cost-cutting exercise," a company spokesman said.

The operator said Thursday it has offered $10,000 in relocation assistance to each of the 2,600 employees affected by the call center closures in Bellevue, Wash., Houston, Texas, and Southfield, Mich., and the 575 workers affected by consolidations in California, Ohio and Illinois.

Employees who decide against relocating and can't find positions elsewhere in the company will be offered individualized separation packages.

"We value the employees at these centers – they are highly trained, highly skilled and experienced – and they will be encouraged to stay with the company," Verizon said in a statement.

All employees affected by the changes will be able to relocate with company assistance to similar positions in other Verizon call centers, or apply for new jobs elsewhere in the company. Verizon Wireless will operate 28 call centers in the United States after its reorganization.

The call centers in Washington and Michigan will close by the end of next quarter, followed by the shutdown of the Texas facility during the third quarter.

Verizon also will consolidate call center operations serving business and government customers in Rancho Cordova and Folsom, Calif., into the Rancho Cordova location, which serves consumers.

In addition to the consolidation of 325 employees in California, Verizon will move 250 employees running its Internet chat response team at several locations across the country to two centers in Dublin, Ohio, and Elgin, Ill.