Personal Media in Enterprise

An introduction to this whitepaper series

Personal Media has already changed the way that we consume media and information. Innovative smartphone and tablet applications have changed the way that we go about our daily lives. We believe that Personal Media is now set to change the way that we work, and this whitepaper series is designed to highlight how wide-reaching these changes might be. It has been written for CIOs, CEOs and CMOs of large enterprise organisations, to help them understand the benefits that employee use of Personal Media can bring to their organisations, as well as prepare for the challenges that are inherent withthis new way of working.

We believe that there are a number of areas in the computing landscape that are currently undergoing ‘generational scale’ changes at about the same time. Delivery platforms are evolving, communication and collaboration channels are being reinvented and the consumer technology world is, for the first time, driving innovation within the enterprise. These changes have the potential to impact operations across multiple business units, which is why we feel it is important to extend the reach of this whitepaper series to include CEOs and CMOs, as well as CIOs/CTOs.

Here in Personal Media in Enterprise – Part 1 we discuss how and why the growing trend of ‘consumerisation of IT’ within the enterprise is taking place, and the new challenges this trend brings to CIOs, CEOs and CMOs of large organisations.

In Personal Media in Enterprise – Part 2, due for publication in November, we will discuss how effective planning and deployment of Personal Media devices and applications throughout your workforce can bring benefits to your organisation. Additionally we will identify some popular applications that are being used today by thousands of enterprise workers to help them increase their productivity.