DeviceAnywhere is offering a system that allows developers to remotely self-test content submissions against operators’ requirements. The technology, called the DeviceAnywhere Proof Center, allows developers to remotely self-test their content submissions against operators’ requirements on any of the 2,000 live, remote devices available through the service. Test results are automatically compiled into saved proofs or files.

“Although necessary, certification has arguably been the most frustrating and least enjoyable aspect of mobile application development, as any developer will tell you,” says DeviceAnywhere CEO and Co-founder Faraz Syed.

The self-certification system was build on top of DeviceAnywhere’s existing mobile application testing program, which allows developers to test applications across a variety of devices without having to purchase them.

The mobile application certification technology should allow developers and operators to more easily certify mobile applications and content and has the potential to speed time-to-market and lower costs associated with certification. It is currently available through DeviceAnywhere partners, including OpenMarket.

Separately, DeviceAnywhere says it has landed a remote testing and development contract with mobile financial services solutions provider Mobile Money Ventures LLC.

DeviceAnywhere will help Mobile Money Ventures reduce the time and resources required to develop, test and deploy its mobile financial services applications.

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