An M:Metrics survey found that college students are a hot ticket for wireless carriers right now. A separate survey found that despite several companies pushing parental controls on wireless phones, a new study coming out of Ace*Comm Corporation reports that more than 70 percent of teenagers have unrestricted use of their mobile phones.

The M:Metrics study found that employed college students have an insatiable appetite for wireless. This group spends between $41 and $60 a month on mobile services, according to the M:Metrics survey, which also found that 57.5 percent of the students surveyed were on family plans and do not foot the bill.

The survey also revealed that mobile browser use among students spiked 8.7 percent in July, a rate that is two-thirds higher than among non-student mobile users.

"Based on our data, it is clear that strategies by carriers like Sprint, which recently announced products targeted at students to share user-created content, and MVNOs such as Amp'd Mobile and Virgin Mobile, which also target students, are right on the money," says Seamus McAteer, M:Metrics senior analyst.

Separately, the Ace*Comm survey, which was conducted with 1,000 teenagers, ages 13 to 18 by Itracks, revealed that 71 percent of teenagers are allowed to use their wireless phones at will.

Although cell phone use is off limits at many schools, teenagers are still finding time to communicate wirelessly during school hours, with 38 percent of teens sending text messages during school and 30 percent playing video games on their handsets during school.

Ace*Comm offers Parent Patrol, which enables parents to monitor their children's mobile phone use.