The FCC next year will embark on the complicated process of auctioning off 600 MHz spectrum licenses. Part of that entails compensating and relocating/repacking the many low-power TV broadcasters that currently occupy those airwaves.

For many, it’s become a legitimate concern that many of the free TV stations simply won’t continue on after the auction. In the last few days, the FCC has seen a considerable uptick in comments from frustrated citizens. Many of the comments adhere to a common template, one critical of cable TV programming that could be construed as obscene. Below are a few excerpts:

Look, dont they have enough. What is this they want it all? Okay, then have it all. Does anyone want to buy a tv...come on?! Have you not done enough to the Christan people on this planet? (Sic)

Yes i support christian all the way. Free tv is the life in this country. (Sic)

The FCC forced me to purchase a new television set based on the promise of more free over-the-air channels. Do not shut down my local LPTV station. I want more free channels, not less. I do not appreciate the filthy language and the nudity I see on Tv. (Sic)

Please do not allow this "selling off" of our low frequency stations. If this unfair law goes into effect, our television will definitely be discarded.

Please protect free T.V. there are many people who can no afford the outrageous prices charged by cable companies, and need access to information provided on free T.V. channels! They are VOTERS you know! They will remember if they are not protected in their rights to broadcasting without fee. (Sic)

In addition to concerns about putting LPTV broadcasters out to pasture, worries about wireless microphones that use the 600 MHz band have surfaced. Sennheiser has petitioned the FCC to reimburse wireless microphone companies for equipment that will no longer work once the 600 MHz airwaves have been repacked. One musician, from the band Stars in Stereo, proposed a voucher system to partially reimburse individuals and groups who require wireless microphones for professional uses.