AT&T has officially launched its IP-based Digital Life home automation service in 15 markets, with plans to introduce the service in up to 50 markets by the end of 2013. Digital Life, which was announced last spring and has been trialing in Dallas and Atlanta, will be served up a la carte, depending on which aspects of their homes users want to control. Wireless Week recently caught up with Glenn Lurie, president of emerging devices, resale, and partnership for AT&T, to find out a little bit more about Digital Life. 

Can you talk a little bit about how Digital Life brings together different parts of a consumer's life, from the connected car to the mobile device? 

With AT&T Digital Life, consumers can interact with their homes remotely, from virtually anywhere and with ease through their smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops.  The fully integrated all IP based platform allows users to access and control a multitude of automation devices such as cameras, door locks, thermostats, water sensors, etc. and write programs to control devices across both automation and security devices.  Through an easy-to-use app, customers can remotely control their devices in the home, as well as program alerts when windows are cracked and water sensors when moisture is detected.  Third party innovation will be essential as AT&T continues to introduce new solutions and meet the technology needs of our customer base.  In the near future we will connect the car to the home as well as many other devices that will connect to the Digital Life Controller in the home.

Can a Digital Life subscriber control the system from a smartphone operating on another carrier's network? 

Yes, the Digital Life system is broadband provider and wireless carrier agnostic, so you can manage your Digital Life from anywhere in the world, regardless of whom you choose for your home broadband or mobile internet for your smartphone or tablet.

How does installation work? Does AT&T contract that out to a third-party or will an actual AT&T employee be dispatched to the customer's house?

AT&T’s solution is end-to-end, meaning AT&T provides a complete solution, from sales to professional security monitoring to billing and customer support. Digital Life offers customizable packages, so – you can choose what you want based on your lifestyle.  You can easily learn about and purchase Digital Life on the web, in AT&T Retail Stores, by phone, or an in-home sales consultation.  Once customers decide on the right package for their home, an authorized AT&T Digital Life Technician, an employee of one of our installation contractors, will install your Digital Life system.