The type of case you put on your phone is almost as personal a choice as the one you make while picking out your phone. Some people like the unencumbered feel of a thin case that primarily protects against daily wear and tear but really wouldn't fend off a 4-foot drop onto concrete. Still others prefer a ruggedized tank of a case that might add bulk to their smartphone's trim physique but at the same time would pretty much protect the thing if it was dropped off a cliff. 

Pure Gear's line of smartphone cases and accessories offer a broad range of options for those receiving a new smartphone this holiday season. From slim and stylish, to ruggedized and impact resistant, Pure Gear attempts to hit just about every need. I tried out the company’s iPhone 5 accessories, but Pure Gear also makes cases and accessories for Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry and Nokia devices.

The slip-on Slim Shell Case ($24.99) offers a modicum of protection, without adding too much additional weight to the svelte iPhone 5. These cases come in a variety of colors. I was preferential to the transparent model that allows the iPhone’s natural aesthetics shine through.  

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the PX360 Extreme Protection System ($49.99). This is body armor for your smartphone and includes a built-in clip-on for a carabiner if you want to attach your phone to a backpack (or climbing rope). While the packaging pitches these cases to the outdoor enthusiast, I could see this option being as attractive to the urbanite looking to combat theft (Apple picking, anyone?). 

The Extreme Protection System is a nice case and in line with pricing on Otterbox’s high-end models. Still, these cases are installed on the phone with six screws, using an included utility tool. While some might like that kind of secure fit, I prefer to be able to remove my case easily when needed. I might put one of these on when camping or hiking, but it wouldn’t be an everyday option for me. 

Pure Gear’s Dualtek Extreme Shock Case ($39.99) was a nice compromise between the Slim Shell and the PX360. It offers decent protection from drops and can be easily removed when needed. 

Like I said, cases are a very personal choice and will depend on a variety of factors, from sense of style to how they use their phone. In an accessories market that can often be flooded with flimsy junk, Pure Gear has managed to put together a quality lineup that should see it playing in the same arena as Otterbox, Belkin and Gumdrop.