Some Sweet (& Not-So-Sweet) Tweets

Twitter has emerged as the world’s largest cocktail party, where conversations range from revolutionary to the mundane. While tweets from some of the most influential figures in the wireless industry over the past few months may not divulge any major company secrets, they at least raise a few interesting questions.

Tweets from the TwittersphereFor instance, was that a freebie Samsung Infuse that Omar Khan’s son was using on the plane? And why is Frank Meehan dissing on RIM? Read on for more titillating (or not) tweets from around the wireless industry.

“There are now over 500,000 Android devices activated every day, and it’s growing at 4.4% w/w” @AndyRubin (Senior VP of Android for Google) June 28, 2011

Eric Schmidtpx;“Last night I dreamed about whether or not it was okay for me to start ending my sentences with prepositions. It was scary.”

@BizStone (Twitter co-founder) March 23, 2011

“Egypt: people plus technology what an amazing force for good”

@EricSchmidt (Google Executive Chairman and former Google CEO) February 14, 2011

“The HP TouchPad -- smart UI, but weak battery, few apps and some bugs.”

@WaltMossberg (Technology Writer for WSJ) June 29, 2011

Frank Meehanpx;“My son said his movie experience was awesome on the flight. He watched Despicable Me on my Samsung Infuse 4G with Media Hub ... Priceless!!”

@SamsungOmar (Omar Khan, former Samsung CTO) May 30, 2011

“My Google+ account is legit and verified--it’s me!” @MichaelDell(Dell CEO) July 12, 2011

“#Nokia #WindowsPhone7 At least Nokia have a strategy, and what seems to be reasonably good one. RIM though have yet to decide on one.”

@frank_inq (Frank Meehan, founder and CEO of INQ Mobile) June 23, 2011