Feedback from customers led Interop Technologies to develop software that it is unveiling here at CTIA Wireless 2011. Its Messaging Personalization and Control (MPAC) technology allows network operators to offer enhanced messaging features, such as SMS filtering, for parents who might want their kids to stay in touch via SMS but don’t want to give them so much freedom that they get into trouble.

MPAC gives the parent the opportunity to customize the text service for a child, so, for example, they don’t receive text messages during school hours or only get the ones that are from the parents. Large enterprises as well want to ability to set parameters so that employees are only sending texts to an office cell phone, for example, says Damian Sazama, vice president of Corporate and Product Marketing at Interop. 

MPAC filtering controls support blacklisting and whitelisting phone numbers, e-mail addresses and domain names. Thearchive functionality also enables subscribers to store and access SMS and MMS messages online, saving storage space on handsets and preventing loss of stored pictures and messages. With MPAC, subscribers also can share pictures and videos using social media applications.

The MPAC software can be added to Interop’s existing messaging solutions or any other vendor’s messaging platforms that an operator happens to be using.

In other news, Interop says it has broadened its CDMA OTA provisioning solution to manage removable user identity module (R-UIM) cards for CDMA2000 handsets. The capability means network operators can access elementary files on R-UIM cards to update preferred roaming lists, service programming codes and text messaging service directly on the R-UIM cards of subscriber handsets.


Working with the CDMA Development Group (CDG) to help define standards for CDMA Open Market Handsets (OMH), Interop has expanded the capabilities of its CDMA OTA provisioning solution to use Over-the-Air Service Provisioning (OTASP).

The company already provides its CMDA OTA solution to PT Smartfren, formerly PT Smart Telecom), a service provider in Indonesia.

Interop also recently announced a hosted Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) for wireless operators to deliver alert messages originating from the Federal Alert Gateway to their subscribers in an affordable way.