Well, the Christmas tree is up, the Menorah is on display, the Festivus pole has been erected. Whatever your denomination or beliefs, perhaps you’re looking for a little bit of an edge in preparing for the holidays. Here’s a list of 10 holiday-themed apps that will ready you and your mobile for the incoming storm we call the holidays.

Holiday Gift List, an iPhone App from Gilbert Farabaugh, is a practical app for keeping track of who needs what and how much it’s going to cost. While some might simply make their lists this holiday season with pencil and paper, others will let their iPhone do the work. Holiday Gift List allows users to create multiple gift lists for everyone in their life. The app allows entry of prices and provides alerts when you’re done shopping for a person.

Why not do a little virtual snowboarding while you’re waiting in those long lines at the mall? With the new holiday themed Crazy Snowboarder: Holiday Special app from Ezone, you can cruise through winter scenes while dressed to the nines in a classic Santa Suit. The game for the iPhone offers 30 missions, wherein you’ll board around and through snowmen, zombies and mischievous elves. Pick it up for the gnarly price of $2.99 at the App Store.

If the first words you utter when you walk out of store are, “Dude, where’s my car?” then this is the app for you. I Parked Here, from Staron, allows you to quickly find your car in the crowded lot with turn-by-turn walking directions. It’s available for Nokia devices for $2.99 at the Ovi Store.

Take your advent calendar with you wherever you go with Xmas Calendar Touch, from Offscreen, at the Ovi Store. Available for free, Xmas Calendar Touch gives you a new app to “open” every day while you count down to Christmas. We won’t tell you which apps you’ll be opening because that would ruin all the fun.

Give your holiday photos an elegant artsy feel with Color Pop, from Tony Kay. A clone of the popular Color Splash app for the iPhone, Color Pop is available on the Android Market for $1.49. Color Pop allows you to remove the color from a photo, then pull the original color back into selected areas for a dynamic effect. For instance, you can take that totally zany picture of your dog wearing a Santa hat, turn black and white and then pull out only the red in the hat. 

If you’re already having nightmares of the holiday feast devouring your ambitious dieting plans, you might like to try any number of fitness and calorie counting apps out there. At the Ovi store, you’ll find piece of mind with Weight Tracker Touch (99 cents), from Nokia. Weight tracker allows you to input your daily weight in kg/lbs and follow your progress on a chart.

iPhone-toting carolers can throw their caroling book in the trash this holiday and go digital with Christmas Carols, a 99-cent app for the iPhone from Jak in the Box Productions. Christmas Carols offers the lyrics to all of the standards. Additionally, the app provides links for each song to iTunes, so users can hear the songs as they sound when performed by people who can actually carry a tune.

If you’re smitten with someone this holiday season but have yet to find a pretense for planting that first kiss, look no further than iMistletoePro, a free app for the iPhone from inThing Apps. With iMistletoePro, just hold your iPhone above the unsuspecting object of your affection and pray to God they don’t run for the hills. For an added touch, you can shake the phone and the app will sound the jingling of tiny bells.

When the family really starts to wear on you, why not retreat with your trusty iPhone to that stocked bar in grandpa’s basement? With 8,500 Drink and Cocktail Recipes Free from WebWorks and Applications, you’ll find just the concoction to ease your frayed nerves. As the name indicates, 8,500 Drink and Cocktail Recipes Free is free at the App Store.

So the house is finally quiet. The madness of Christmas morning has subsided, and the kids are busily checking out their new toys. So what do you decide to do? Drag the whole family to Disneyland, of course. Christmas Day is apparently one of the busiest days of the year at Disneyland. If you’re one of the crazy people who actually decides to head over to the theme park, you might want a guide to make more efficient use of your time. Look no further than Disneyland iGuide – Walkee from MediaLab. Available at the App Store for $2.99, the GPS-enabled Disneyland iGuide allows you to check wait times for rides, discover interesting facts about the park, find restaurants and bathrooms and navigate your way around the park. It’s a must for those crazy enough to hit the theme parks on Christmas Day.

If none of these apps helped attain a Clark Griswald-level of holiday perfection, we apologize. In lieu of more apps, we suggest that perhaps you’d do better to turn off all your electronic gadgets for an hour or two and take a nap. Happy Holidays!