Cell phone and services online retailer Wirefly came out with its picks for the Top 10 Most Anticipated Cell Phone Launches, and the Android phone category garners five of the 10 spots. Here’s the list.

1. Motorola Droid – Verizon Wireless 

2. Motorola CLIQ MB200  – T-Mobile USA (The Cliq is currently available to existing T-Mobile customers but new customers are not able to purchase it until Nov. 2, so Wirefly included it in this list.)

3. Samsung Moment – Sprint 

4. LG Chocolate Touch – Verizon Wireless 

5. Samsung Behold II  – T-Mobile 

6. HTC Desire 6200 – Verizon Wireless (The Desire is expected to be Verizon’s second Android-powered phone after the Droid.)

7. Sprint Palm Pixi – Sprint  

8. BlackBerry Storm 2 – Verizon Wireless

9. BlackBerry Bold 9700 – AT&T & T-Mobile 

10. LG Shine 2 – AT&T 

Wirefly says that although not all of these devices have confirmed launch dates, it looks forward to offering them on, where customers can compare devices and rate plans across carriers.