Welcome to Wireless Week' new "App Unwrapped" section. As the wireless industry seems to fall ever deeper in love with the world of mobile applications by the day, we thought it would be a good idea to occasionally highlight those applications that catch our eye. You'll periodically find featured mobile applications from big and small developers and for all platforms in this section.

WHAT: WHERE, from uLocate Communications.

WHAT IT DOES: WHERE gives users a variety of location-specific information available in a single dashboard. More specifically, WHERE features current movie times, restaurants, the location of friends who also use the application, gas prices, weather and a lot more.


WHERE TO FIND IT: WHERE is available on most of the major carriers: AT&T, Boost, Helio, metroPCS, Sprint and Virgin Mobile USA, as well as a number of phones: Nokia, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, iPhone and Android. If you don't find your particular carrier or platform in the above list, not to worry, there's a mobile Web version available.

WHY WE UNWRAPPED THIS APP: WHERE represents the next generation of location-aware applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. Using LBS APIs that were offered up to developers with the release of the iPhone 3.0 OS, WHERE expands on the idea that a smartphone should act as an always-on concierge.

The application has received great reviews. But perhaps it's one of WHERE's taglines that best describes what makes this application special: "WHERE will make you feel like a local no matter what city you're in."

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