With Nvidia announcing a new processor and support for Android, as well as Windows Mobile and Windows CE, there is still no news on exactly what devices will use the graphics-driven technology.

Nvidia’s new Tegra APX 2600 processor is currently on display at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, getting rave reviews from HDTV enthusiasts. The chipset is capable of 720p HD output quality, but the Android and Windows Mobile units on display were capable of 1080p.

The website states that the first Nvidia Tegra-based devices are expected to begin shipping in mid-2009, but it does not specify whether that’s referring to smartphones, portable navigation devices or portable media players.

This comes at a time when Windows Mobile and Android are expanding their reach within the mobile device market. LG has announced intentions to build 50 Windows Mobile smartphones, with 26 to be released by 2012. Vodafone also announced this week that it will release its first Android-powered smartphone in Europe.

John Jackson, an analyst at CCS Insight, speculates that Nvidia may still be thrashing out deals with the operating systems or manufacturers.

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