We’re back for the official start of SmartWatch: Season Two and we cannot stop talking about the possibility of a Sprint-T-Mobile merger. The latest reports have the U.S.’s third and fourth largest carriers raising $10 billion for a joint venture to bid in the FCC’s upcoming 600 MHz incentive auctions. That's more than AT&T has set aside for the auctions.

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Of course, no potential merger has been officially announced yet so plans for the two carriers are subject to change. We can’t see the future. But if Google and contact lens manufacturer Alcon have their way, we may be closer to some sort of super sight. Alcon is partnering with Google to possibly bring to market connected contact lenses that can monitor things like blood glucose and relay info to a smartphone. Just imagine how far you'll see with enhanced robot vision. A commercially available connected contact lens is still at least five years out but we can still dream.

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Connected contacts, TVs, toothbrushes, shoes, and everything else are just more signs of growth for the Internet of Things. There’s big money is standardizing the space and companies are starting to choose sides to see who wins out. It’s like VHS versus Betamax all over again.