In this episode of SmartWatch, sponsored by SanDisk, we’re talking about Samsung’s “Voice of the Body,” which ended up being a wearable called Simband that will monitor just about all the information your body can possibly put out. As part of that effort, Samsung wants to bury the hatchet and collaborate with competitors to make the space more open and advance health monitoring.

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But staying physically fit can be a real drag, especially when compared to just kicking back on the couch and controlling your entire house through your smartphone. The rumors that Apple next week will unveil a connected home platform for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV have us encouraged and looking forward to being lazy.

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Houses of the future are cool and all, but Samsung deserves some credit too for reportedly prepping a real-deal watch phone. A smartwatch that needs no smartphone tethering for phone and messaging functions means it might soon be more fun than ever to call the government and ask why we don’t have jetpacks yet.

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