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Clearwire, Sprint, Comcast Roll Out More 4G

May 5, 2010 8:16 am | by Andrew Berg | News | Comments

Clearwire, Comcast and Sprint today announced plans to launch their respective 4G mobile Internet services to additional cities in the summer of 2010.

T-Mobile’s Wholesale 4G Cure

May 4, 2010 1:12 pm | by Maisie Ramsay | Blogs | Comments

T-Mobile takes a look at using wholesale to provide 4G.

Comcast Launches 3G in Boston

May 4, 2010 8:01 am | by Maisie Ramsay | News | Comments

Comcast is making further inroads into the U.S. wireless market with the launch of its High-Speed 2go service in Boston...


Synopsys Releases Latest Master Controller IP

May 3, 2010 7:11 am | by | News | Comments

Synopsys released the DesignWare MIPI 4G DigRF Master Controller IP. It is the first 4G vendor to offer a complete IP portfolio for both MIPI DigRF v3 and v4 standards.

LTE vs WiMAX: A Little 4G Sibling Rivalry

May 2, 2010 8:11 am | by | News | Comments

The recent increase of mobile data usage and emergence of new applications such as MMOG (Multimedia Online Gaming), mobile TV, Web 2.0, streaming contents motivated the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) to work on the Long-Term Evolution (LTE).

Network Speeds: Different Strokes

April 23, 2010 12:07 pm | Articles | Comments

 The next few years are going to be a wild ride for networks

Highway Congestion: The Case for Optimization

April 13, 2010 10:47 am | by Joel Brand, Bytemobile | Articles | Comments

The United States has the most advanced highway system in the world — today's equivalent of 4G/LTE networks of the wireless world — yet my commute on a terribly congested six-lane highway is still a miserable experience.

MetroPCS to Launch 4G Handset

March 26, 2010 8:10 am | by Maisie Ramsay | News | Comments

Prepaid carrier MetroPCS will launch Samsung's slick new 4G handset in the second half of this year.


Sprint Unveils 3G-4G Smartphone

March 24, 2010 10:02 am | by Andrew Berg | News | Comments

At a coming-out party of sorts at CTIA yesterday, Sprint took the wraps off the world's first dual-mode 3G/4G Android device, the HTC EVO.

Tellabs Smart GGSN Empowers 3G Networks with 4G Performance

March 23, 2010 9:39 am | by Andrew Berg | News | Comments

As a torrent of mobile Internet traffic floods their 3G networks, mobile carriers are increasingly concerned about capacity and reducing costs.

Cisco Router Targets Capacity Crunch

March 10, 2010 7:52 am | by Maisie Ramsay | Articles | Comments

 Cisco’s new, high-capacity CSR-3 router comes with impressive credentials: It can handle 322 Terabits per second, enough to download the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress in just over one second.

Tech Insights - The Future of Voice

March 7, 2010 4:49 pm | by Elliott Drucker | Articles | Comments

With market penetration for voice services at essentially saturation levels, network operators are pinning their hopes for continued revenue growth on the still comparatively untapped data segment.

Sprint Ads Tout 4G Speeds

February 26, 2010 7:20 am | by Monica Alleven | News | Comments

Advertisements touting 3G networks have been dominating the airwaves for months, and now Sprint is rolling out a new marketing campaign.


AT & T Taps Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson for LTE

February 10, 2010 7:21 am | by Maisie Ramsay | News | Comments

AT&T has chosen Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson as its LTE network vendors ahead of the operator's planned 4G field trials later this year.

Shaking Up 4G

January 31, 2010 8:40 pm | by Maisie Ramsay | Articles | Comments

4G has the potential to revolutionize people’s mobility and change the way operators do business. By year-end, Clearwire hopes to cover 120 million people with its mobile WiMAX offering. Verizon Wireless is set to deploy LTE in 25 to 30 markets this year. As the industry moves to the next evolution of technology, who will come out on top?

Apple Event Spawns 4G iPhone Rumors

January 22, 2010 7:19 am | by Andrew Berg | News | Comments

The rumors continue to grow in the final days before an Apple press event scheduled for next week in San Francisco.

Sprint Shaves Ten Bucks From Its 4G Pricing

January 14, 2010 7:10 am | by Maisie Ramsay | News | Comments

Sprint has dropped the prices for its mobile WiMAX service to $59.99, a $10 drop from its earlier plans.

Sprint Brings 4G to a Hot Spot Near You

January 7, 2010 7:16 am | by Andrew Berg | News | Comments

Given the hoopla surrounding Sprint's Wednesday night press event at CES, no one was surprised when it actually released a new product.

4G Samsung Mondi Arrives in Dallas

December 3, 2009 6:35 am | by Maisie Ramsay | News | Comments

Clearwire has launched the 4G Samsung Mondi in the Dallas/Fort Worth market as part of its mobile WiMAX launch there.

Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent Back 4G Chipmaker Sequans

November 19, 2009 6:35 am | by Maisie Ramsay | News | Comments

Motorola and Alcatel-Lucent have invested an undisclosed amount of money in 4G chipmaker Sequans Communications.

Harnessing the Next New Wireless World – 4G

November 17, 2009 12:45 pm | by Abhijit Kabra, Accenture | Articles | Comments

Look over the horizon. An expanding and vastly complicated phenomenon is beginning to tower over the wireless industry. Fourth-generation wireless, or 4G, is on its way, ready or not.

Report: Qualcomm Has the Lead with 4G Patents

November 16, 2009 6:40 am | by Maisie Ramsay | News | Comments

It looks like Qualcomm may be able to extend its monopolistic hold on CDMA patents to the 4G world.

Time Warner Cable to Offer 4G service in N.C.

October 15, 2009 8:05 am | by Mike Robuck, CED Magazine | News | Comments

Time Warner Cable's first launch of its 4G wireless network is set for Dec. 1 in the North Carolina communities of Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh.

Verizon's Melone Outlines LTE Roadmap, Collaboration Initiatives

September 23, 2009 8:30 am | by Maisie Ramsay | News | Comments

LTE holds a lot of promise, but there's still "no substitute for good old-fashioned engineering." That's the message from Verizon Wireless' Chief Technology Officer Tony Melone...

4G World 2009 - Official Show Daily

September 17, 2009 1:55 pm | News | Comments

Official Show Daily - Days 1, 2 and 3 - 4G World 2009

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