Sprint today announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 will be its first available tablet compatible with its faster Sprint Spark network.

Starting Aug. 15, the Tab will be available for zero down and $12.50 a month. Sprint for a limited time is offering a $10 credit for 24 months to customers who buy the new tablet and sign up for a tablet data plan of $10 a month or more. The $10 plan comes with only 100MB. Other tablet data plans offer 1GB for $15, 3GB for $35, 6GB for $50, 12GB for $80, and 30GB for $110.

Spark is the name Sprint has given its LTE network that combines FDD-LTE deployments on 800 and 1900 MHz and TDD-LTE deployments in the 2.5 GHz band. 

The carrier promises the network can deliver peak speeds of 60 Mbps. Average speeds on the network are closer to 6-15 Mbps.

Sprint intends to cover 100 million people with Spark by the end of the year and to have the network deployed in 100 markets by the end of 2016. The carrier has already switched on the network in 24 cities total including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and San Antonio.