Production for the iPhone 6 display disrupted as Apple is redesigning a “key component,” according to Reuters.

The report points to a display backlight needing to be reworked because it was not bright enough.

Reuters sources couldn’t say if the redesign would delay the device’s launch or limit the availability of the new iPhones during the initial release. But the same sources said that output is back on track and that manufacturers are pushing hard to make up lost time.

The reported production woes for Apple’s new iPhones up to this point have been largely linked to the reported bigger displays. On Sept. 9, Apple will hold an iPhone event and reportedly show off two new models; a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch iPhone.

The upcoming iPhone launch looms large for Apple in the wake of its global smartphone foothold slipping a little. New numbers from IDC found Apple’s second quarter iPhone shipments growing at a 12.7 percent clip but its global smartphone shipment share shrinking to 11.7 percent, down from 13 percent in the year-ago quarter.