Alcatel-Lucent is to deploy a complete 4G LTE overlay network in the Midwestern U.S. states of Oklahoma and Kansas to enable Pioneer Cellular, an affiliate of Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, to offer ultra-broadband mobile access to its customers.

T-Mobile's new Pay as You Go plan gives customers one flat rate of $0.10 / minute or message for talk and text. Pay as You Go customers the option to purchase on-the-go daily and weekly 4G LTE data passes ($5 for a 1 day pass up to 500 MB LTE data; $10 for a 7 day pass up to 1GB LTE data).

RacoWireless, a global machine-to-machine (M2M) service provider, today announced that it will launch Omega DevCloud, facilitating communication with IoT applications in a standardized environment.

Sony engineers have invented new technology allowing its Xperia phones to know when they are underwater. Sony uses a detector that generates a test tone. This generates spectrograms with different values allowing the phone to know whether it is in air or water. Sony has created a suite of Underwater Apps to show what the phones can do underwater.