Starting July 17, Verizon customers on the carrier’s AllSet prepaid plans will have access to LTE service and devices.

The Allset plan offers unlimited talk and text plus 500 MB of data for $45 monthly. Verizon is offering to double the data to 1 GB for customers who sign up for auto-pay. And if subscribers need more data, they can add on 500 MB for $5 or opt for bridge data expansions that last 90 days. Those run $10 for 1 GB and $20 for 3 GB.

The auto-pay deal is similar to an ongoing offer at AT&T’s Cricket Wireless where customers get $5 off all plans when they sign up for auto-pay. But with that credit, $45 will get you 2.5 GB of high-speed data as opposed to the 1 GB offer from AllSet.

Verizon customers can bring LTE handsets with them to AllSet or they can buy available LTE devices like the Moto X, Galaxy S5 and HTC One.

Verizon has been busy building up the capacity of its LTE network. After substantially completing its initial LTE network, Verizon got to work deploying additional LTE coverage on its AWS holdings. Verizon branded the speedier service expansion XLTE and recently announced the expanded network is covering more than 300 of Verizon’s 500 LTE markets.